Today’s HelloLive presentation is entitled “6 Tips for Finding and Evaluating iPad Apps.” During the event, Kira will be referencing a number of websites and Internet-based resources, many listed below as links. Please feel free to open this post in a separate window in order to access these resources during the presentation, or if you prefer, to peruse the information at your leisure after the presentation. 

SETT Framework - Joy Zabala

Scroll through website example - TherapyApp411

Site with video tutorials - Apps For Children with Special Needs

Searchable site example - Bridging Apps

SpeechGadget on Rating Apps

e-Book for parents and caregivers on iPads for special needs users

A few recommended blogs: The Speech Guy, Cindy L. Meester, SpeechTechie

Other ideas:

    ASHA Leader: In Search of the Perfect Speech-Language App

    Edublog Awards

    Twitter – #slpeeps

    SLP Blogs Bundle from SpeechTechie