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  • Why SLPs Matter

    If you’re anything like me, you spend at least a little bit of time each summer reflecting on the year you just finished and wondering about the year to come. Because I’m slightly neurotic, my internal dialogue also usually includes a little bit of doubt about whether or not anything I do makes a difference…. (read more)

  • Who We Are!

    I follow Megan Strand’s blog, Incouraged. She writes often of the connection between forward thinking businesses and ’cause branding’. We just call it doing the right thing. Well, we’ve been highlighted! See what she has to say.

  • Hello

    It is a simple word. A thought that leads to movement that leads to speech. It is the beginning of a conversation. Unfortunately, too often our students are left out of the conversation. They can be dismissed, overlooked, excused. But with our work, we are writing a different story for children, a story of commitment,… (read more)