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  • Protect Your Orthodontia Investment (with help from an SLP)

    6 things to address with an SLP before Orthodontia

    We wrote a blog series a while back that shared 6 things SLPs can do to help you protect your orthodontic investment. It’s been so popular that we decided to make it into a handy downloadable/printable so that you can easily share it with anyone you see fit! Click on the image below to download… (read more)

  • 6 Things to Address Before Orthodontia, Part 2

    This is the second post in a 2-part series that discusses issues that you can (and should!) address with an SLP before you (and/or your child) start orthodontia. Check out the first post if you haven’t already, where I talk about tongue thrust, thumb sucking, and mouth breathing. And now, without further ado, number 4… (read more)

  • 6 Things to Address Before Orthodontia, Part 1

    Here’s the scenario: you take your sweet and charming child to visit their beloved pediatric dentist for a regularly scheduled check-up. Dr. Dentist says the usual things, like “Remember that sports drinks are full of hidden sugar,” and “Let’s try a bit harder to remember to floss.” And then she says something that makes the… (read more)