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  • Research Tuesday: Adolescent Outcomes of Children With Early Speech Sound Disorders With and Without Language Impairment

    I’ve been working as a high school SLP this year, and it’s gotten me thinking about the last stage of childhood speech/language disorders. Of course, many students “graduate” from speech before they enter high school. But are they now functioning the same as typical learners? The researchers in this article attempt to answer that question. THE DETAILS American Journal of… (read more)

  • Research Tuesday: Delivering Stuttering Intervention via Telepractice

    Goodness. There is so much interesting research going on out there! I had a hard time picking an article this month, but finally settled on one that looked at the viability of a telehealth model for working with adolescents who stutter. We do a fair amount via telepractice around here (both via our Hello There… (read more)

  • Engaging Adolescents

    Are you looking for an engaging activity for middle or high school students? I love What’s Going On in This Picture, an educational feature from the New York Times’ Learning Network. An odd or inexplicable photo is posted every Monday, with the instructions: After looking closely at the image above (or at the full-size image),… (read more)

  • Strategies for Adolescents: Conceptual Vocabulary

    This is part of a continuing series of posts on therapy ideas to support assistants (SLPAs) and paraprofessionals in the schools in their work with students and their supervising SLPs. For adolescents exploring conceptual vocabulary – holiday-themed or academic – consider using what adlit.org calls Four-Fold Concept Development. This activity is a strategy to build depth… (read more)

  • App Focus: Visual Supports for Cooking!

    There are lots of great apps out there for pretend cooking, ordering, serving, and decorating within your iPad, but the i Get… Cooking Vocabulary app gives you all the materials you need to create a photo sequence book so students can: preview and plan their cooking project, communicate, sequence, and comment while completing a cooking project, and remember and… (read more)

  • Anticipation Guides

    Try using this Anticipation Guide from AdLit to engage students before a reading or listening activity. A discussion can activate and organize prior knowledge, as well as build curiosity, but we love this format for the way it naturally provides structure to the task of stating an opinion and supporting it with details from the text!