There are times I step away from my computer and appreciate the chance to tackle a project requiring the use of something besides Home Row. But when it involves giving to kids — it actually is fun! 

Here are some pictures of our first three Boxes of Backpacks project. 

And sure, anyone could have ordered some backpacks and sent them directly to a district but I’m a firm believer that packaging matters. 

So here’s what I did:

  • I bought 5 different, cool backpacks for each destination 

  • I included post-it message to the student who receives every backpack, along with a SASE and an invitation to write to us (stay tuned to see if any are returned!)

  • I gift wrapped a personal note to the special education director thanking them for ensuring these got to kids or families in need and letting them know that, btw, my favorite pack is Spiderman 😉

Is this a marketing / sales / kissing babies kind of thing? Sure. I totally own that. More importantly, though, it benefits students. And in the end, those kids are all that really matters.