This is part of a continuing series of posts on therapy ideas to support assistants (SLPAs) and paraprofessionals in the schools in their work with students and their supervising SLPs.

Speech/Language therapy in secondary settings has a different look and feel than the work we do in elementary schools. Often we are supporting students in class, or working on finding and implementing strategies using materials from their classes. But sometimes we have to come up with our own therapy materials to address IEP goals in middle school and high school – maybe we’re seeing students from different classes in a group, maybe we don’t have access to classroom materials, or maybe we just need something new! In any case, newspapers and magazines have always been great resources for current and age-appropriate materials. Check out Karen’s Clark’s SpeechDrive site for great ideas on therapy with adolescents, including this plan for using photos of internet hoaxes and urban legends to address vocabulary goals, practice compare/contrast, and critical listening skills.

SLPAs and paraprofessionals should always operate within the scope defined by state and national licensing organizations and should only conduct allowable tasks under the supervision of a speech-language pathologist.