Motor Skills

Below find development information for a handful of motor skills:

Scissors Developmental Overview:
3 years- open scissors, holds paper, tries to cut
4 years- cuts paper in half, blades open up and down
4.5 years- cuts on line across paper
Pre-Writing Skills:
1.0- imitates scribbling
1.5- spontaneous scribble
2.0- imitates vertical stroke
2.5- imitates horizontal stroke
2.9- imitates circle
2.10- imitates vertical line
3.0- copies horizontal line, circle
3.5- imitates square
4.0- copies cross, traces square, traces triangle
4.5- copies square
4.11- copies cross
5.0 copies triangle
Pre-Name Writing & Name Writing Development:
4.0-5.0- Identifies printed name
4.0-5.0- Traces name
5.0-5.10- Prints own name, recognizable
5.2-6.0- Prints own 1st name without a model
5.8-6.6- Prints simple words

Periodically, we'll change this information to reflect different information on child development! You're also welcome to ask!