The Hello Foundation offers superior SLP and OT placement. But just because we are located in Portland, Ore., doesn't mean we can't assist districts outside of our area. We created our Distance Service model to help bring quality SLP and OT services to school districts across the country. It provides assisted teaching to students for less than the cost of traditional on-site contract staffing.

Based on our experience, I think rural states can benefit from the Distance Service model. M. Flynn, Dev. Preschool Ctr - Laramie, WY

One of our clinicians will work in conjunction with your local SLP Assistant or Educational Assistant to provide high-quality service to the students and staff. The SLP will travel to your location every 3-6 weeks based on your needs. They spend 3-5 days working with the assistant, developing program plans, modeling treatment methods, and reviewing progress. They are also available to attend critical meetings and work with the sped team. And when they're away, they direct and consult your assistants through online video conferences.

Students are always engaged in sessions, and communication with our staff members is strong. T Allen, Assistant Principal - Yakima School District

The Distance Service model is extremely efficient and effective. Your location should never be the determining factor in giving your students the education they deserve.