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  • Five Common SLP Interview Questions (And How To Ace Them)

    5 interview questions

    I remember my first SLP job interviews as a new graduate. I remember I was nervous. How can you not be nervous? I also remember feeling prepared. I felt ready. Luckily, my graduate school professors prepared our class for this transition. They reminded us that SLPs are needed everywhere. They reminded us that our program… (read more)

  • Research Bite: Using Speech Recognition Technology for Assessment of Vocal Development

    Research Bite

    The Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research just published some very interesting research into the use of speech-recognition technology to assess a child’s vocal development. In an article titled Automated Assessment of Child Vocalization Development Using LENA, the authors explain that they set out to use an automated speech recognition (ASR) system to predict a child’s level… (read more)

  • What makes you a good friend?


    We’re making friendship bracelets, giving some away, and talking about what makes a good friend. This June at The Hello Clinic is all about friendship! As many families transition from the routine of the school year, and some pass from elementary to middle school or beyond, we’re all taking time to honor our friends, sign… (read more)

  • Step Right Up to the 2017 End of the Year Party

    EOY Party 2017

    The Kennedy School gymnasium was transformed into a playful carnival Friday night to celebrate the successful conclusion of another Hello school year. A spinning wheel of prizes, photo station, giant jenga, cornhole, and a fun menu (complete with delicious centerpieces!) made set the scene. But the best part, as always, was the opportunity to get together with… (read more)

  • Hurrah for Occupational Therapy!

    Occupational Therapy

    April marked the 100th anniversary of the amazing and – dare I say it? – awkwardly-named profession of Occupational Therapy (OT)  🙂  I am proud of being an OT and love my work, so jumped at the chance to explain a little more about what we do, and how we can help your family. What… (read more)

  • Camp Wheatley!

    Camp Wheatley 4

    Today we host a guest blog by Sarah Dunaway, an SLP completing her Clinical Fellowship year at the Wheatley School, a self-contained public school in Multnomah ESD that serves students ages 6-21 with significant needs. She is thrilled to be working on functional language and emerging social skills with her favorite population, students who are significantly… (read more)